VELUX Blinds and Accessories

Wisconsin Sunlight Solutions is a certified, professional installer of VELUX window treatments, blinds and accessories. As a VELUX 5-Star Skylight Specialist, you can trust in our expertise of the complete line of VELUX blinds, window treatments and accessories when installing or replacing a skylight.


VELUX Blinds / Window Treatments

Adding VELUX blinds to your skylights will offer you complete control of the amount of daylight that enters your room. VELUX blinds offer energy efficiencies by allowing you to reduce heat gain and heat loss. Wisconsin Sunlight Solutions offers a variety of options including venetian, roller and blackout blinds.  Additionally, we offer VELUX solar blinds that allow you the same control, using only the power of the sun.

VELUX Blackout Blinds
VELUX Blackout Blinds
Total blackout and optimal heat protection.
VELUX Roller Blinds
VELUX Roller Blinds
The benefits of daylight, without the glare.
VELUX Venetian Blinds
VELUX Venetian Blinds Complete control of daylight, with style and comfort.
VELUX Solar Blinds
VELUX Solar Blinds
The power of solar, with a 30% federal tax credit.


VELUX Accessories

VELUX Electric & Manual Controls
VELUX Electric & Manual Controls
Electric and manual controls provide a wide range of options to meet any situation.
VELUX Home Automation
VELUX Home Automation
Natural light and fresh air, all at the touch of a button, with our VELUX home automation solutions.


VELUX Insect Screens
Insect Screens
The VELUX insect screen allows you to open the roof window for fresh air without allowing bugs to enter.
VELUX Skylight Trim Kit
Skylight Trim Kit
The VELUX skylight trim kit provides a professional, finished look for skylight retrofitting projects.
VELUX Security Locks
Security Locks
The VELUX security lock prevents the sash from being opened without sacrificing the benefits of ventilation.
VELUX Sunscreening Accessory Tray
Sunscreening Accessory Tray
The VELUX sunscreening accessory has brackets built in to provide access to a wide range of blinds and controls.

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